Hori Racing Wheel Apex vs Logitech G29: Comparison for Gamers
Racing wheel Apex Hori vs Logitech G29

Choosing the Right Racing Wheel: Hori Racing Wheel Apex vs Logitech G29

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In the world of virtual racing, the right wheel can make all the difference. For gamers looking to elevate their experience, the Hori Racing Wheel Apex and Logitech G29 are two notable contenders. This comparison aims to help you decide which wheel suits your racing style.

Overview of Hori Racing Wheel Apex

The Hori Racing Wheel Apex, known for its affordability, caters to casual gamers. It lacks a force feedback system but offers basic multi-level vibration feedback through a bungee cord. This feature provides a basic level of immersion, suitable for those new to racing games or on a budget.

Overview of Logitech G29

The Logitech G29 is a step up, targeting serious racing enthusiasts. Its standout feature is the dual-motor force feedback system, providing a highly realistic experience. Players can feel road textures, the weight of the car, and collisions, significantly enhancing gameplay.

Comparison of Force Feedback Systems

The force feedback system is where the G29 shines. Its dual motors offer a tangible advantage over the Hori Apex’s vibration feedback. The G29’s ability to simulate real driving conditions provides a more immersive experience, crucial for deeper engagement in racing games.

User Experience and Responsiveness

In terms of responsiveness, the G29 again outperforms the Hori Apex. The precision and realism of the G29’s feedback system allow for a more intuitive and enjoyable gaming experience, essential for players seeking authenticity in their racing games.

Pros and Cons

While the G29 offers superior force feedback, it’s also noisier and more expensive. The Hori Apex, while less immersive, is quieter and more affordable, making it an attractive option for casual gamers or those with budget constraints.


For serious racers seeking a realistic experience, the Logitech G29 is the clear winner. However, for casual play or budget considerations, the Hori Racing Wheel Apex is a viable alternative.

Additional Considerations

When choosing, consider your gaming style, the types of racing games you play, and your budget. Both wheels have their merits, depending on your individual needs as a gamer.

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