Jura Z8 vs Jura Z10 - Which Automatic Coffee Machines are Better?
Jura Z8 vs Z10

Jura Z8 vs Jura Z10 – Which Automatic Coffee Machines are Better?

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There is no way you can compare a cup of instant coffee with your favorite brew from your local coffee shop. But it’s neither practical, nor affordable to pop out every time you feel the urge for a delicious caffeine boost. There are endless options for coffee machines at home, but nobody makes them quite like Jura! Today, we will compare two automatic coffee machines, the Jura Z8 vs  Z10.

Jura Z8 vs Z10 – Comparison

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Coffee Machine Design

The Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 are true to the Jura sleek design. They are both 12.6 x 14.96 x 17.71 inches. The Jura Z10 weighs 27.11 pounds and the Jura Z8 a little more at 29 pounds. The Jura Z8 comes in stainless steel whereas the Jura Z10 can be Aluminum White or Diamond Black. On the front of the automatic coffee machines, there is a large color touchscreen display.

Jura Z8

Coffee Machine Capacity

On the side of the coffee machines, there are water tanks with an 81-ounce capacity. The position of the transparent water tanks makes it easy to refill them. The bean containers of the Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 have a 9.9-ounce capacity. These large capacities mean you can brew anything from a 1-ounce shot to a jug of coffee.

Coffee Specialties

With the Jura Z8, you can make 21 different drinks. These include single and double shots of ristrettos, espressos, coffee, lungo baristas, and café baristas. Other options are cappuccinos, flat whites, and macchiatos. You can use hot water for teas, milk, and make milk foam portions.

The Jura Z10 by far excels with 32 specialties. First off, you have all of the options the Jura Z8 has as well as single and double Americanos, cortados, and espresso doppios. You can make cafe baristas, cafe lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos plus with an extra shot if need be. In a world first, the Jura Z10 also allows for cold brews! You can enjoy a cold brew espresso, coffee, macchiato, cortado, café latte, flat white, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.

Jura Z10 Review

Burr Type

The Jura Z8 comes with the signature conical Aroma G3 grinder. The Jura Z10 has a Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) which electronically controls and adjusts the settings for the ideal grind for the particular coffee. There is also the option to select your grind settings.

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Programming Coffee

From the touchscreen displays on the Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10, you can program the strength and temperature of your coffee. You can also choose the temperature for hot water and milk when making other hot drinks. If that’s not enough, both coffee machines allow you to program the temperature of your milk foam.


Both the Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 have Pulse Extraction Process for optimal extraction times but the Jura Z10 also comes with a Cold Extraction Process so that water is pulsed at high pressure for cold drinks. 3D brewing technology with the Jura Z10 enables water to flow evenly through the ground coffee and there is also an intelligent preheating system. To wake up to a fresh coffee, you can use the Jura app connected to the Jura Z8 or the Jura Z10 via Wi-Fi.

Jura Z10 comparison

Spout Design

The dual spouts on the Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 can be removed with the touch of a button for cleaning. The spouts are also adjustable so that you can fit different-sized cups on the drip tray.

Milk Frother

On the Jura Z8, there is a pipe that is attached to the coffee machine to make creamy hot drinks. The Jura Z10’s milk foam system is automatic.

Jura Z8 comparison


The Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 are somewhat high maintenance, depending on how much you use them and the types of drinks you make. For example, if you use milk, the spouts need cleaning daily but the same can be said for any coffee machine. You will be prompted when the machine needs maintenance such as cleaning, filter changes, and descaling. Jura also has a range of maintenance products to ensure the coffee machines are kept running at their best.

In Conclusion

With regards to design, the coffee machines are a good size for their abilities. Both look stunning with clean edges and the curved front panel. We liked the Diamond Black but really, color options are a personal choice. Both machines were simple to use, and, in many cases, it was just a touch of a button. The touchscreens and levels of programming make it easy to create a completely unique coffee.

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The quality of the coffee when using the Jura Z8 and the Jura Z10 is undeniable! The flavors are balanced, the textures are smooth and delicate, and the aroma is vibrant. In fact, the smell alone is enough to let you know you are about to taste coffee magic. The added technology and extra specialties give the Jura Z10 the advantage, and that’s not even considering the cold brew options. This makes the Jura Z10 the better automatic coffee machine but this comes at an extra cost!

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