Ninja CM401 vs Ninja CM407: Which Coffee Machines is Better? - Comparison Guide
Ninja CM401 vs cm407

Ninja CM401 vs Ninja CM407: Which Coffee Machines is Better?

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Pod-style coffee machines seem to be all the range but there are more economical ways to enjoy delicious coffee, and also have a more positive impact on the environment! Drip coffee machines feel like a thing of the past but with modern technology and a well-established brand, drip coffee machines can exceed expectations. While there are many on the market to choose from, we are going to look at two drip coffee machines from one of the world’s most popular kitchen appliance brands, the Ninja CM401 vs  CM407.

Ninja CM401 vs CM407 – Comparison


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Coffee Machine Design

The Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 are light and compact measuring 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches and weighing 9.25 pounds. They are a combination of black and stainless steel, modern and easy to clean. There is a cup holder with an adjustable height on both drip coffee machines. The cup holders fold away to fit larger cups and jugs.

Ninja CM401 review

Water Tank

The water tank that comes with the Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 holds 40 ounces of water. The tanks are transparent which makes it easy to see when they need refilling. They are removable for convenience and have markings to show the exact about of water you need for different coffee sizes.

Coffee Types

There is no need to worry about not getting enough caffeine. The Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 can brew 6 coffee sizes: a coffee mug, an extra-large mug, a travel mug, an extra-large travel mug, half a carafe, and a full carafe. As well as the different sizes, you can choose between classic coffee, rich brew, and cold brew. There is a specialty option that creates concentrated coffee to make lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. This is helped by the foldable milk foamer to add that creamy texture. The milk foamer can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.

Ninja CM407


This is actually the only difference between the Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407. Both carafes are large enough to hold a full jug of coffee. However, the Ninja CM401 comes with a glass carafe and the Ninja CM407 has a thermal carafe. The carafes hold 50 ounces.


Not so long ago, we were used to paper filters, which aren’t cost-effective or environmentally friendly. The Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 come with a permanent gold-tone filter. These filters are reusable and designed to preserve the natural oils in coffee and the small particles for a more robust flavor. If the filter does start to look old, there are replacements available.


Thermal Flavor Extraction that comes with the Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 provides consistently excellent results. This automatic brewing system brews coffee in the optimal time without fluctuations in coffee temperature. Furthermore, Thermal Flavor Extraction ensures coffee is brewed with even saturation. There is also an intelligent warming plate with each of the drip coffee machines. These warming plates can adjust the temperature so as not to burn the coffee. They will also automatically turn on when the coffee machines are brewing half or full carafes.

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The Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 are simple to use. There are buttons to select the brew type and a dial knob for the coffee size. There is a digital clock which is really handy to program the brewing to start at a set time– say for when you wake up! There is a clean program that operates with just one touch and the brew pause is ideal for those who want to brew larger quantities of coffee but can’t wait to fill their cup.

What’s Included

The Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 come with permanent gold-tone filters, a foldable milk frother, and a Ninja smart scoop to measure the exact amount of coffee for your taste and liking. Both drip coffee machines come with a one-year warranty for peace of mind.

In Conclusion

Realistically, the Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407 are identical. They have the same design and the same water tank. The size of the coffee and the coffee types are also the same. This means there is no difference between the quality of the coffee, the flavor, and even the ease of use. There are a good number of coffee types you can make, and each drink turns out as you would expect and with no bitterness. The milk foamer is a nice touch and is user-friendly. Along with the recipe guide, even novice coffee makers can get creative.

We liked the size and the overall appearance. Black and stainless steel easily blend in with any kitchen décor.  The only problem we found was with the carafes. The glass carafe is very thin, so you need to take care not to break it. On the other hand, the thermal carafe is not of the best quality and doesn’t always keep the coffee as hot as you would like. The Ninja CM407 with the thermal carafe is significantly more expensive and to pay that much more, you would expect your coffee to stay hot. For this reason, the better drip coffee machine is the Ninja CM401.



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